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IContact Field may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows 8.1.Instead, use Contact Address, Contact Phone, Contact Significant Other, Contact, Contact Email, Contact Connected Service Account, Contact Website, Contact Job Info, or Contact Date.You might feel that he has become your life, after all he worked so hard to be the centre of your world. All a lie, designed to manipulate you, control you and use you for what they needed. Establishing no contact, is the quickest way to heal. Unfortunately this is part of the course with a sociopath.You might feel that he is all that you have left in your world. If you hold on, the only outcome will be further damage, further abuse, further control of your life. First step you need to take Make sure that the final contact with your ex is that you say ‘this relationship is over, and I no longer wish to be in contact with you further. Breaking no contact will not make you feel better, it will likely make you feel worse. If you have children together, establishing totally no contact might be difficult to achieve. If he tries to talk to you, make your excuses, and keep on walking. The best way to make him stop is to completely ignore him. You don’t even have enough strength to fight back anymore. When the relationship with the sociopath (or with anyone with a disordered mind) comes to an end, it is important to establish No Contact. Right now, probably for the first time in a long time, you can focus on YOU, on your needs.No contact means: It means to have absolutely no contact at all. Especially if this person has isolated you from people who were close to you. It is likely that attempts to make contact will escalate when you try to escape fully. As likely for a long you had been focusing your energy on someone else. This is harassment if you have sent the warning text, giving time date and asking to no longer contact you, depending where you are in the world, call the police and make a complaint for harassment He is telling lies about me – I want him to stop!A person, on the other hand, is a bit more complex.

Let’s face it, we can all be guilty of looking beyond the person in front of us and into the realm of our own fantasy world.

You will only delay thee inevitable So, break all contact. I am telling you not to contact me further on xxx date and at xxx time, do not contact me, face to face, by email, text, calls, social networking” Explain that you now need time alone to heal and recover. If you do give in to temptation, it is likely that you will regret it, as you will have to start again. Sometimes you have to experience this a few times to understand that breaking no contact, is only going to cause you further pain. Make sure that you keep contact to a minimum, and keep communication business like, nothing else. It will be tough going for a while, but try to stay close to those you trust, and away from those you do not. He owes me money – or has stolen from me, I want my things back It is unlikely that you will ever get back what he has stolen from you. I need him to know he has hurt me This is futile, you will not get answers from him. Find support forums, where others can understand this ‘crazy’.

Warn that if he does not give you this time, it would be considered harassment, and the police could be called. If you break no contact, it is like smoking a cigarette when you have quit smoking. If your ex needs something try to arrange for someone else to be at home, so that he can collect. You might find at the end that you lose some’ friends’…. Let it go to hold on, will just create further loss.

I am using a service account from a firebase project, and have granted access to the GMail API.

But the nodemailer docs for 2LO is really scarce so I wonder if anyone could help me find if I use the correct credentials ?

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