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“Table for one please”, I say to the hostess who didn’t greet me. Did you want two menus while you wait for the rest of your party to come? When I get there, it’s loud and jam packed with people.

The restaurant was pretty packed with only one open booth available. ”, the hostess asked as a couple came in behind me. I prefer sitting at a booth so that I can be confined to my own space, but what the who, I’ll do the bar and spare that fine couple behind me a twenty minute wait.

she’s pretty”, “yeah but you know men now adays, a good one is hard to find”. little Caylee Anthony & Trayvon Martin) — I’m not about to put myself in a situation to “get got”.

At this point everyone else is drinking and drowning while I’m looking at the menu for a double shot of “DJ how loud can you play Gagnum Style so that I can drown out this false prophecy taking place in my left ear”. ”, the lady finally said as they stared at me as if I was the last hamhock in a pot of collard greens. At this point, my mind is going crazy, “please don’t speak to me, please don’t speak to me”, I say frantically as the sounds of techno faintly plays behind the laughter of the business men to my right. Noooooo, I just want to eat in peace, I actually enjoy being by myself. The two then continued to speak to me the entire time as if I came with them.

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Arrakis, the planet known as Dune, is forever his place.[1] The point it's trying to make is that whatever you do, however you go about your study, you always place the man (or woman) in his time and place. I find the female roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation FAR more offensive than Princess Leia or Han Solo's portrayal. Yes, many people were already "there" and yes they were proved right in the end. And more to the point -- never EVER forget this for as long as you live. ) These "for profit" businesses, employ people and their lives and make their worlds go around. Next time whatever you do for a living wants to deposit Facebook Likes, Hugs, And 8 Smiles for Doing Good, let me know if you're okay with that.

To forget where and when he existed is to make one of the gravest mistakes in the study of any historic character. As long as you remember this point, you'll find more peace when you watch movies. Because everybody thinks it's the actors and the directors. There are LITERALLY thousands of people who work on and depend upon movies for their livelihood. The have are putting braces on their punkass sons and sending their daughters to softball camp. Tell them that they should have their entire lives wraped up in something "just for the good of it" or to push a social cause.

After a couple of hours there, she rushes home before he gets home and then they have dinner later.

She likes me to go with her once a week but if I can't go or don't feel like going, she goes alone.

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