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But with all of them, the secrets are in the subtleties."I don't care if you're baking a cake, racing a car or making love," says Lou Paget, best-selling author of .The men who achieve the greatest rank among their peers may then display that dominance as a powerful advantage in attracting women for sex.On the other hand, women associate very masculine faces with negative traits such as coldness and dishonesty.In any discussion of what women want, no trait gets more attention than social status.Acknowledged as a key female attraction cue, it’s also frequently referred to as social dominance. One need only look around to see that men in positions of leadership and social dominance are highly desired by women.Gear up, girls, because we've got the sex-expert scoop on how to erotically update five already stellar positions so that they provide even more bliss to your bods.Many of our passion poses might sound familiar at first, but we've put a special orgasmic spin on them all that'll supersize your pleasure peaks and have you and your guy grinning like satisfied frisky fools.

Businessmen, they drink My Wine, plowmen dig My earth, None of them along the line, know what any of it is worth.

On the following pages, we identify the nooky positions that will increase your likelihood of having the best climax of your life.

Some focus chiefly on your clitoris, others are great for G-spot gratification and still others are extraordinary for emotional intimacy — a climax clincher for many women.

Early in the second season of “Insecure,” Issa Dee (Issa Rae) holds a gathering at her place that leaves a memory on her wall, forcing her to throw a painting party for one.

Very quickly, though, her handywoman skills leave much to be desired: Issa forgets a necessary step and causes a mess, and she nearly passes out from the fumes.

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