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The contrast with Jake Sisko is stark who shot up like a beanstalk, as well as all the other Starfleet officers in general. For explanation as to why there is no mention of it, I looked into his height relative to other Ferengi.

Now, we know Nog persisted like this far into the future. Nog, around fifty years in the future in "The Visitor": So, here's the question: Only commenting because it's a minor thing not really addressing the guts of your question, but I always liked this relevant scene where Martok references Nog being shorter: youtube.com/watch? In absolute terms, 5' would make Nog the second-shortest known Ferengi, taller only than Kol.

Ferengi average ~5' 4 1/4" with a standard deviation of 2.2716, so Nog's height puts him in the bottom 3% of known Ferengi --- very, very short, but not unreasonably so.

If you are under 21 years of age, or if it is illegal to view adult material in your community, please leave now. We are not acting in any way to send you this information; you are choosing to receive it!She obviously thought she looked great, but I said she looked like she'd upset a paint box all over her face.Everyone else just stared at me in disbelief.'As well as her lack of social skills, Annette's hobbies set her apart.'I desperately wanted to be part of the group, but I never seemed to say the right thing and I'd get funny looks from people,' says Annette, 42, a school cleaner who lives in Chippenham, Wiltshire, with her son Ryan, 15, and daughter Rachel, 14.'When I was a teenager I remember a friend asking me what I thought of her new make-up.

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The bird is often hard to see, but sometimes it launches into the air to sing its odd song as it flies, with floppy wingbeats and dangling legs, above the thickets. In flight song display, male flies up singing, hovers, drops slowly with its wings flapping over its back and legs dangling loosely, then returns to perch. Nest: Placed 1-8' above the ground, well concealed in dense shrub or tangled vines. Outer base of dead leaves, straw, and weeds provides support for a tightly woven inner nest of vine bark, lined with fine weed stems and grass.

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