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To get started with Fuze’s Free web conferencing plan, enter your contact information and download the Fuze desktop app, then invite your participants and you can host a meeting within minutes.Cisco Web Ex misses out on the top spot of this list because their free account only supports meetings of three people or fewer.

It costs .99, but that's way less than you'd pay for another piece of hardware to do the same thing.

To make it working you need to replace version 0.6.2 of Brid J JAR by the 0.6.3-SNAPHOST or newer bridj-0.7-20140918.

Moreover, lately Jonathon Hare from Open IMAJ team, found a problem described in bridj #525 which causes problems on armhf architecture.

If you have strong will, spare time, knownledge or even some small amount of money you would like to spent for good purpose you can help developing this awesome Webcam Capture API and make it even better!

Several kinds of contributions are very welcome: If you think this project is great, you would like to help, but you don't know how - you can become project's stargazer. Visit this link if you would like to learn more about how notifications and stars works on Github.

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(which is the same behaviour as if the web cam is not connected to the computer when I start the Game) This happens even if I fix the other things...

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